Saturday 28 November

UTCT presents a Special Edition 50km trail event comprising two separate routes that form a figure of 8,  starting and finishing at the Gardens Rugby Club.


The two 25km loops take in the trails across the Northern section of Table Mountain National Park.

Runners have a choice between a 50km Solo, a 25km Solo or a Team of two runners each doing one of the 25km loops. Route options to be determined via a lottery system to keep in line with due to current regulations.

Solo 50km R1200

Solo 25km R750

Team R1500 (2 members)

The races traverse sections of Table Mountain, the upper slopes of Kirstenbosch Nature Reserve, Oppelskop and Devil's Peak, the Pipe Track above Camps Bay, Corridor Ravine and the Twelve Apostles Trail which all form part of the iconic natural world heritage site and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.


The two loops are equally challenging as both offer runners a mix of technical terrain, single and jeep tracks with steep ascents and descents. Weather in late November can vary drastically with single-digit temperatures in the early morning on top of Table Mountain to 30 degrees plus during the latter part of the day.


Participants are reminded that this Special Edition Event is a genuine mountain excursion, necessary care and respect must be taken when running within Table Mountain National Park and surrounds.



Pipe Track/Smuts Track/Top Table
25km - 1500m D+

Leaving the Race Village at Gardens Rugby Club, you will head through the boardwalks of Deer Park where the routes split. The Atlantic Route will run the lower jeep tracks towards the lower Kloof Corner parking lot and to the Pipe Track trailhead, running the entire length of the pipe track to Corridor Ravine where you ascend. At the top of Corridor Ravine head left, you will run the Twelve Apostles trail to just before Kasteelspoort, where you will take the first right along the Old Railway Line road to the dams. Here you will cross Woodhead Dam wall before taking a left on the concrete road. There will be a Compulsory Checkpoint at the exit of Woodhead Dam before you turn left onto the concrete road.  Just before the Hely Hutchinson Dam wall, you take a right onto the trail which will lead you to Smuts Track and the top of Nursery Ravine. Follow Smuts Track all the way to the race’s highest point - Maclears Beacon.  Follow the front trail to Platteklip where you will descend all the way down to Tafelberg Road. Once on the road head right to Deadman’s Tree, taking a left onto the jeep track heading down towards the boardwalks for your final kilometre back to Gardens RC.


Devils Peak/Newlands Forest

25km - 1500m D+

The same start as the Atlantic Route to the top of the boardwalks, then it’s back up to Deadman’s Tree - the same route you may have just descended on the Atlantic Route. Turn left on the road to the Devil’s Peak trailhead, climbing all the way to Saddle Rock before continuing up to the top of Newlands Ravine. From here you will drop down the Ravine into Newlands Forest where you will head right along the contour path towards Constantia Nek. Just after 400 steps (in reverse) you will drop down onto the jeep tracks and take a left heading back to Newlands Forest and a roller coaster of the best the lower forests have to offer before you exit the Woodcutters Path, running along towards the fence separating Newlands Forest from Rhodes Memorial. After the fence, head left and enjoy a long steady climb back to the Contour Path. The Contour Path exits at the turnstile where you will follow the jeep track before taking the final quarter of the Blockhouse climb. After going past the Blockhouse, take the first left up to Mowbray Ridge before running along Middle Traverse towards Oppelskop and round to Saddle Rock, here you will start your descent to Gardens Rugby Club via Deadman’s Tree and the boardwalks.



Please read through the following important event information and if you have any questions, email info@ultratrailcapetown.com.



Races will start from 06h00 on 28 November.  Details regarding specific start times will be confirmed in your final email in Race Week.



50km Solo - 20h00 (14 hour cut off)

25km Solo - 14h00 (7 hour cut off)

Team - Each runner has to complete their loop within the 7 hour cut off period


In addition to the Compulsory Kit, runners will be required to wear a face mask to access the Start Finish area, to have a temperature check before permission will be given to enter the venue, and carry a small hand sanitiser as part of their compulsory kit.

Please refer to the UTCT Runner Information regarding COMPULSORY KIT as the same rules will apply for the Special Edition Event. If you are unsure about any of the compulsory kit items, please contact the Event Office on info@ultratrailcapetown.com.


PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO Kit Check at Registration due to Covid-19 Regulations but you are required to bring the following with you to Registration:  SPACE BLANKET, WATERPROOF JACKET & MOBILE PHONE.



SANParks and the City of Cape Town have given permission for us to put on an event for 500 participants. We understand the need for assessing the risks associated with exposure to COVID-19 and the importance of providing prevention and control measures to see this happen. As a result, the Summit team has scrutinised our event logistics and proposed innovative ways to ensure the safety of all involved in the event.  We have worked closely with other key role players in the event industry, as well as referred to the current World Health Organisation’s Guidelines on the pandemic and the International Trail Runners Association (ITRA) Guidelines to provide COVID-19 specific processes and protocols for trail events. 


We understand that events and gatherings can have an impact on the transmission of COVID-19 from person to person.  By developing and adopting best practice guidelines at our event we will provide a level of comfort to the SA Government and the public that reasonable, practical processes are in place to protect participants and all parties involved against the spread and exposure to COVID-19 at this year’s event.  We take this extremely seriously and will have the following protocols in place:

  • Appoint an Event Safety Officer who oversees health and safety at the event; 

  • The Safety Officer will act as the Covid-19 Compliant Officer and provide a detailed risk assessment for COVID-19 exposure;

  • Provide control measures based on this risk assessment;

  • Provide medical protocols by the event medical supplier in overseeing health management at the event;

  • Provide a detailed COVID-19 Strategy for the event (safety officer to supply);

  • Provide an Event Safety Plan as per SASREA approved by the ESSPC;

  • Provide health screening processes for staff and workers including accreditation protocols;

  • Provide a participant screening process and queue management protocols;

  • Provide hygiene/sanitisation stations;

  • Have no more than 500 participants at the event at any one time;

  • Be hosted in a suitable venue that can accommodate 500 participants based on the event-specific social distancing requirements;

  • Provide enforced social distancing protocols based on 2m to 1m between people at all times;

  • Be able to contact and trace all staff, workers and participants to provide them with relevant information;

  • Communicate prior, during and after with workers, staff and participants;

  • Provide a food and beverage protocol plan that minimises the exposure to COVID-19;

  • Be able to disinfect the venue prior and post the event;

  • Provide a cleaning solution during the event based on COVID-19 requirements;

  • Provide a waste management plan based on COVID-19 requirements.

All runners and their support crews, family and friends are to adhere to all event protocols in order to ensure a safe event for all who participate.


As a UTCT Special Edition participant, you are responsible for yourself and should know the rules and regulations of the race. You need to be able to clearly evaluate your mental and physical abilities. You need to be sufficiently trained and keep with you all the necessary equipment. Runners should be able to complete the race in a semi-autonomous manner in terms of food and drink, clothing and safety. This requires an ability to adapt and face expected or unexpected problems (darkness, bad weather, physical ailments, injury, etc.).

The event takes place on very rugged, single-track hiking trails. Running on such trails comes with inherent risks that runners accept upon entering the event.  Runners will be in remote areas where help is not always nearby for extended periods and need to be prepared accordingly in cases of emergency.  In addition to trail conditions, other potential dangers include but are not limited to:  Wet / slippery trail conditions (mud, roots and rocks), wet/slippery boardwalks and bridges, bees/bee stings, road crossings and steep drop-offs/cliffs.  Due caution needs to be taken with regard to personal safety and incidents of crime - while highly unlikely that such incidents will occur UTCT recommends partnering up along the route. 


Any personal items left after the race will be donated to a charity or to other local runners in need. We will not mail items to you.


Route options to be determined via a lottery system and announced closer to Race Week.


The organiser Summit Events Pty Ltd has Public Liability Insurance (PLI) cover. This does not include personal accident insurance for competitors. We recommend that you arrange your own personal accident insurance, ambulance cover and income protection insurance before participating in the Event to cover any unforeseen personal costs you may incur due to ambulance trips, medical expenses or time off work due to injuries sustained whilst participating in the Event. International participants should take out travel insurance that provides cover for ultra-trail running events.


Please familiarise yourself with the Race Rules.


PLEASE NOTE: If the event is cancelled, we will issue an 85% refund regardless of the date of cancellation. 

However, should you wish to cancel your entry we will issue the following refunds:

  • 75% before 2 November

  • 50% - from 2 November 2020

  • 25% - from 9 November 2020

  • 0% -  from 16 November 2020

  • No Substitutions - we do not resell entries. 

  • No deferrals allowed.

  • You may downgrade to the 25km at any time before 05 November provided that the respective race is not sold out.  No partial refunds for downgrading.

  • You may upgrade your event eg. from 25km to 50km provided that the respective race is not sold out. You will need to cover the difference of the entry fee at the given date.


We have updated the Registration Venues so please take note of the changes. You are required to collect your Race Pack from the REGISTRATION VENUE you selected when you entered.  

JACK BLACK BREWERIES:  Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November - 10h00 to 19h00 on both days.

GARDENS RUGBY CLUB: Friday 27 November - 10h00 to 19h00


Please bring the following with you to Registration:  A form of photo ID (passport or ID card/document), your Space Blanket, your Waterproof Jacket and your mobile phone in order to collect your Race Pack. You cannot collect a Race Pack on behalf of anyone else. No mask - no entry to Registration.




Preliminary results will be available immediately on the website. Final results (with any corrections) will be posted on this website within a few days of the race.



Link to the full set of T&Cs



Your time will be electronically recorded at certain points along the route.