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​Bringing together some of the best races and race organisers in the world, with the aim of providing an alternative to global racing with local knowledge and community at its heart.


The fundamentals of World Trail Majors are solid but simple:

DIVERSITY, embracing difference as enriching and improving trail running as a sporting, cultural and social activity. Trail/ultra racing is an incredibly varied sport, each race is unique, the variety of distances, locations and terrains providing an infinite number of
wonderful experiences. Diversity is one trail running’s core values that should be celebrated.

RESPECT, maintaining and even improving the areas where races are held. The landscape was here before this sport. Respect for nature and local customs. Allowing trail running to grow as an activity that enriches and is enriched by the local community and environment. An activity that takes place in nature must always treat the environment with respect. Understanding on a local and global scale that the
effects of our actions reach far further than the sport itself.

IDENTITY, each race has its own distinct and individual personality that is inspired by its local environment and its own evolving story. Is the legacy that will remain forever between the runners, the races and the local communities a defining and memorable sporting experience one.

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