27 & 28 November

Entries open 31 March 2021

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Covid-19 Cancellation Guarantees and Procedures 


With the pandemic forming part of our daily lives the Summit Events team has been able to prepare for and mitigate risk for participants as far as possible in the event of a disruption.


  • If the event cannot be hosted on the scheduled date due to COVID-19 we will set an alternative date within 4 months

  • Ensure to make flexible travel arrangements if apliccable to you. 

  • If the event cannot be hosted on the alternative date the race will be cancelled and all runners will receive a guaranteed 70% refund.

  • there will be no deferrals.

Special Conditions for deferrals from 2020


Participants who have deferred from 2020 will get a rollover entry (plus administration fees of R250) to the 2021 event as previously communicated.


  • the 2020 rollover entries will be valid if the event is to be held on an alternative date (within 4 months).

  • If the event has to be cancelled again your entry will be valid for 2022.

  • If you do not wish to continue with the deferral option for 2022 you may cancel your entry as per the 2020 Policy and receive a 40% entry fee return.

Elite Athlete Assistance

  • South African Elites: UTCT provides assistance to SA elite runners by reserving places and providing free entries on a case by case basis.

  • International Elites: UTCT follows criteria based on the ITRA performance index where Men above 800 points and Women above 690 points will receive a free entry on request.
  • Development Runners: UTCT actively promotes and provides assistance to talented development runners who love trail running and want to take the next step up by racing against the world best. If this is you please get in touch.

All entry requests must be directed via email info@ultratrailcapetown.com

Race Categories


All UTCT races are Solo category
  • Open 18-39
  • Vets 40-49

  • Masters 50+

  • Grand Masters 60+





Prize Money

UTCT will have a total cash prize pool of R 52,000 and will be split equally between men and women.


100km Prize Money

1st Place: R15 000, 2nd Place: R7 000, 3rd Place: R3 000


65km Prize Money

1st place: R1 000


Prizes from our sponsors will be awarded to the top 3 open finishers in each race and the winners of each category.

If on the day you downgrade your race (i.e. from 100km to 65km) you will receive a result but not be eligible for category prizes.



Entry Cancellation Refunds:

If a runner wishes to cancel their entry, Summit Events requires written confirmation on or before the following dates to info@ultratrailcapetown.com


  • 60% - before  01 July 

  • 50% - from 02 July to 01 September

  • 40% - from 02 September to 01 October

  • 30% - from 02 October to 30 October

  • 0% -  from 01 November 

  • No Substitutions allowed.

  • No deferrals - except in medical cases relating to non-musculoskeletal conditions where, in the opinion of your doctor, you are instructed not to run on health grounds. We will only accept medical certificates emailed directly to the organisation from your doctor. A deferral is valid for 1 year only.  Certificates need to reach UTCT by 07 November. 


Entry Amendments:

  • ​​You may downgrade (eg. 100km to 65km) at any time before 07 November provided that the respective race is not sold out.  No partial refunds for downgrading.

  • You may upgrade your event eg. from 35km to 65km provided that the respective race is not sold out. You will need to cover the difference in the entry fee on the given date.


Please note: If you are travelling to Cape Town for UTCT 2021, please ensure your travel bookings are flexible and can be changed with minimal or no costs.


UTCT Trail Fund 
You can race UTCT for free if you manage to raise R10,000 toward the UTCT Trail Fund. The UTCT Trail Fund focusses on two primary areas:


  • To contribute to Table Mountain National Park’s Honorary Rangers conservation programmes that maintain the National Park.

  • To develop and grow trail running in disadvantaged communities.

How does it work?
  1. Enter UTCT through the regular entry gateway - respective entry fees apply.
  2. You then register with the UTCT Trail and Environmental Fund by creating a profile within Back-A-Buddy who host the fundraising on our behalf.
  3. Do an amazing job of getting friends and family to donate to your cause!
  4. UTCT will refund you once the event has been completed. Refunds will be paid out between 10 & 20 January 2021. Fundraising duration 01 April - 05 January.
  • Your refund will come from the money you have raised and the difference will go to Table Mountain National Park.
  • You can register and start fundraising anytime before 30 November.
Refund amounts:
  • R10,000 raised = 100% Refund
  • R5,000 raised = 50% Refund
  • R3,000 raised = 25% Refund
Please Note: no refunds on amounts less than R3,000.  However, 100% of your contribution will have gone to supporting a disadvantaged runner or in support of the environment- We thank you!
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