The UTCT Trail Fund is an ongoing legacy project incentivising participants to fundraise to two UTCT causes, and in doing so receive full refunds on their entry fees.* 



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Contributing to Table Mountain National Park’s Honorary Rangers conservation programmes that maintain the National Park.



To develop and grow trail running in disadvantaged communities in South Africa



The proceeds will go to Table Mountain National Park's Honorary Rangers to assist with various programmes that sustain the National Park e.g. clearing alien vegetation, trail rehabilitation, arranging cleanups and other environmental programmes.



UTCT will contribute financially to developing trail running for disadvantaged communities and fostering the next group of elite runners. UTCT has created the platform to expose talent from South Africa to the best trail runners and events in the world.  


The support mechanism for athletes will revolve around fellow trail runners and coaches contributing their time and experience at specialised clinics. These clinics will be set up to expose the youth of South Africa to the wonders of the great outdoors and the joys of trail running.


In addition, UTCT will offer up to 30 entries per year and will manage the process of booking transport and accommodation for the runners.


Runners will need to send their CVs and a small bio to info@ultratrailcapetown.com and a panel will select those deemed worthy of support via the fund. UTCT will manage the support and will share as much information about the squad during their training and on race day.

Getting involved:

You can run UTCT for free if you manage to raise R10,000 toward the UTCT Trail Fund with all proceeds going toward the Development Runners Fund and Environmental Funds.
How does it work?


  • Enter UTCT through the regular entry gateway once entries open - the respective fees apply.

  • You then register with the UTCT Trail Fund by creating a profile within Back-A-Buddy who host the fundraising on our behalf. (Link to follow here)

  • Do an amazing job of getting friends and family to donate to your cause!

  • UTCT will refund you once the event has been completed.  Refunds will be paid out between 10 & 20 January of the following year.  Fundraising duration from March to 05 January.

  • Your refund will come from the money you have raised and the difference will go to our causes.

  • You can register and start fundraising anytime before 30 November.

*Refund amounts:
  • R10,000 raised = 100% Refund

  • R5,000 raised = 50% Refund

  • R3,000+ raised = 25% Refund


Note: no refunds on amounts less than R3,000.  However, 100% of the contribution will have gone to supporting a disadvantaged runner or in support of the environment.