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We have put together some basic information to provide you with details on working on the event. Before you sign up as a volunteer, please read through the information to understand the roles and responsibilities of volunteering.
We are looking for hard-working, dedicated people who love running and being outdoors. You also need to understand that it is a long day and that signing up is a commitment not to be taken lightly. We rely on our volunteers and it is a serious responsibility - last-minute cancellations throw the team out - it is not cool unless you have a valid reason!
We are always extremely grateful for your time and we will provide you with a Crew Tshirt, a discounted entry to the following events (value R350):
SkyRunning Series 2023 - Langeberg or Mont Rochelle
Ultra-trail Cape Town 2023 - any distance of your choice
The Special Edition 2023 
plus you get to spend the day helping runners either out on the route or at the Race Village. 
It is a lot of fun so if you feel like giving back and being part of something special, then please sign up. The trail community is a unique one and it is rewarding to be a part of an event where the sense of community is so apparent. All we ask is that you bring a sense of humour, and a desire to work hard and give back to the trail running community.

There are various roles we are looking to fill so please make sure you indicate your preference when you sign up:

● Route Markers - Full days Wednesday 23 Nov, Thursday 24 Nov, Friday 25 Nov and Saturday 26 Nov. 
● Forerunners - Friday 25 Nov, 
Saturday 26 Nov & Sunday 28 Nov.
● Sweeps - Friday 25 Nov, Saturday 27 Nov & Sunday 28 Nov.
● Registration Staff - Wednesday 23 Nov, Thursday 24 Nov & Friday 27 Nov.
● Start Finish Staff - Friday 25 Nov, Saturday 26 Nov & Sunday 27 Nov.
● Aid Station Staff - Friday 25, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 Nov. 

● Route Marshals - Friday 25, Saturday 26 & Sunday 27 Nov.
● Mountain Marshals - Friday 25 to Sunday 27 Nov.



Our Route Markers are required from Thursday to Sunday to assist with marking various parts of the route. This is a small, experienced group who can work well in a team and are used to a long day out on sections of the route, often in the heat of the day. There will be two Route Marking. Workshops held in the Constantia green belts to give you an idea of what is expected. These are compulsory to attend if you are serious about getting involved.


Our Forerunners are required from the early hours of Saturday and Sunday morning. This is also open to a small, experienced group of trail runners who can work well in a team. All four events will require groups of forerunners to run ahead of each race to ensure the route is well marked and everything is in place for the runners.


Our Sweeps are required for both Saturday and Sunday’s events but we ask that you don’t see this as a chance to run the race as a freebie. Sweeps must be prepared to be out there for the long haul and most of you will run behind the slowest runner so it is going to be a long hike rather than a run. Positions are also limited so please make sure you put a second choice down when signing up as there are no guarantees you will get the sweep role.


We require volunteers to assist at Start Finish during Race Week. We would prefer that our volunteers sign up for either the Thursday/Friday Registration or the Saturday and/or Sunday Race Days as we need continuity and don’t want to be dealing with staff changes and training.

Thursday/Friday:  These volunteers will assist with Registration, Information Desk, and general admin around the Race Village.  If you are signing up for this role, please try to commit to both days.

Saturday/Sunday:  These volunteers will assist with Runners’ Zone, Finish Line Control, Medal Handout and general admin around the Race Village.  You can sign up for both days or either Saturday or Sunday.


We require the Aid Station Staff at the following Aid Stations:

● Aid Station Signal Hill
● Aid Station Kloof Nek
● Aid Station Llandudno
● Aid Station Rocket Road
● Aid Station Hout Bay
● Aid Station Alphen Trail
● Aid Station University of Cape Town

There is also a vital checkpoint and transition point at Constantia Nek that requires a team of volunteers to manage. The Aid Station on Table Mountain is staffed and managed by Paddy Milner and the Scouts Association and does not require additional volunteers.

From the runner’s point of view, these aid stations exist so that runners have a place to get food and water in order to continue running and finish the race. From the race organisation’s point of view, it gives us a place to check on the runners to make sure they are doing ok and are able to continue running. Aid stations are also a place from where we track runners’ progress, record their numbers etc. Simply put, the primary reason we have aid stations is for the runners’ safety and to help the runners accomplish their goal of finishing the race. The Aid Stations are usually allocated to specific Running Clubs or Groups which are indicated above. All the Aid Stations are operational on the Saturday of Race Weekend, but only UCT is operational on Sunday for the 21km trail event. Please make sure you sign up for the correct day and Aid Station.



We require Route Marshals at strategic points along the route on both race days. Marshals are either part of the Aid Stations and managed by the Aid Station Captains or part of Start Finish and managed by the Route Marshal Captains. Route marshals are required to:
● Direct the athletes, make sure they are safe in the City section and to direct them in and out of the aid stations.
● Have route knowledge and know the route in and out from their particular position.


We require Mountain Marshals at strategic points on the mountain on both race days. These marshals are required to work in teams, be familiar with the mountain trails and route access points, as well as be able to hike/run to their allocated points. All Mountain Marshals will be issued with radios and certain positions will be issued with Nano timing devices.


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