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05 December 2016 


Hello UTCT Runners,


This is the final email you will receive before we take off on Saturday Morning. Please treat this as a race briefing and give it a thorough read as we can’t have an extended PA session that early in the morning.  



Gardens Tech Rugby Club - (Registration & Start/Finish)

Main access is via Upper Orange Street. At the ENGEN Garage intersection of Orange Street & Upper Orange Street turn toward the mountain and follow the road to the end - the venue is located to your right. Parking available inside venue.



Please use the two allocated days for registration on Thursday 08 December & Friday 09 December (12-7pm). 

Appear in person with a photo ID and all mandatory gear to receive your race number.  

On-the-day registration is not available. No one can collect on your behalf.


Event Opening Evening

We will host an informal evening mingle that you can couple with registration from 5:30-8:30pm on Thursday 08 December.  On show will be race briefing, gear specials by our sponsors, elite roundtable and cash bar- do pop in after work.


Trails in Motion Film Festival

This event happening after the race briefing has been closed for pre-sale. Limited spaces will be available at the door.


Prizegiving & Afterparty

This will be taking place on Sunday 12noon to 7pm. It is open to friends and family. Proceedings will start with the prizegiving followed by a live band and some mandatory drinks

  • 08 December, Thursday 12pm-7pm

  • 09 December, Friday 12pm-8pm


Race Start times- Do arrive 45 minutes before.

100km & 65km :4am

35km :7am



Important route info and changes


Route Change for the 35km.

Please note that we have had to make a slight change to the 35km route.  It doesn’t change the distance but you will now descend via Nursery Ravine and not Cecelia Ridge.


No Support at Constantia Nek

With the introduction of La Parada Restaurant across the circle from Constantia Nek, this area is incredibly busy and congested. Please let your supporters know that there is an Aid Station at Groot Constantia serving both the 65km and 100km, and Llandudno Surf Lifesaving Club for the 100km which is next down the line- these points are far more suitable and comfortable.


Aid Station 9 at UCT

This is your final Aid Station on the route.  For those of you who ran last year, please note it has moved to the UCT Tennis Club.  



We do not issue GPX files for navigation as some minor route revisions are required up to the last minute. You can however load the below map directly to your phone browser which locates you as a blue dot on the route. Always follow the route markings on the day!


1 0 0 k m


6 5 k m


3 5 k m



Before UTCT


  • Mandatory Gear List: The list has been compiled for your safety, with particular reference to running in genuine mountain terrain, where in an emergency rescue may take up to 4 hours. To be issued your race number for UTCT, please bring along a Photo ID and all mandatory equipment which will be checked at registration. Without these items a race number will not be issued. You can register on Thursday or Friday from 12 noon to 7pm. You will have to be there in person with all your mandatory gear and a photo ID. No Registration on race day

  • Gear List

  1. Outer Shell Top (Jacket) | Waterproof, breathable as specified by the manufacturer. Must have integrated hood and seams to be tape sealed.

  2. Personal Cup | Bottles or flasks with lids are not acceptable.

  3. Running Pack / Race Vest| No waist packs

  4. Race Belt | Affix your race number to it. Fixing it to a bag is not acceptable. They are easily made with fabric elastic and safety pins.

  5. Buff/Beanie | Close fitting and of synthetic or wool fabric. Lightweight, moisture wicking/ quick drying.

  6. Long sleeve mid layer | Close fitting and of synthetic or wool fabric. No cotton.

  7. Headlamp / Torch | With fully charged batteries and in good working order- (100 & 65km).

  8. Spare Batteries | In working order and for the light used- (100 & 65km)

  9. Survival Blanket | Size 1.4m x 2m minimum. (AKA Space Blanket)

  10. Adhesive Bandage | Size 5cm x 100cm.  

  11. Whistle | Pea-less and easily accessible at all times to sound an alert if required.

  12. Charged Phone | Leave in 'Flight Mode' to conserve battery.

  13. Hydration | Bladder or bottles with Min.1.5L capacity of which 300ml in reserve at all times.

  14. Food | 250 calories in reserve at all times.

* Points 7 & 8 NOT compulsory for 35km runners.

  • MySos Emergency App: You can download and install from your app store the mySOS SA app on your phone with the UTCT emergency numbers pre-installed. It will locate you by GPS for fast access to Search and Rescue & Medical response teams. Best to keep your phone on flight mode and switching back on only when in an emergency to conserve battery. For instructions on how to use follow this link.

  • Livetrail timing:, is where the live results will be.  You can also follow the steps on the website to enable us to auto-post to your Facebook timeline as you pass each Timing Point.

  • The Weather forecast is looking good at this stage with moderate temperatures




During UTCT  



You may be the first person on scene if an emergency occurs and will be required to assist. Assess if you need to stay with the runner or if you will be of more use running ahead and letting staff know. If you become immobile and need to consult with a medic you will need to take the following steps:


  1. Initially use your first aid kit, stay warm, dry and be visible. It is critical that you not leave the marked route.  

  2. Phone the emergency number located on your race number. You will be asked your race number, name and location. Help will be sent on its way.


If there is no cell reception:


  1. Keep moving or wait participant who will find the nearest marshal or staff member who will make contact with Race HQ via radio.

  2. A medical and rescue team will be dispatched to your location.

  3. You will either be treated and allowed to continue, or be treated and evacuated off the route to the nearest medical asset.


  • Being Recorded: You will be electronically and manually recorded along the UTCT route.  Be sure your bib number is always fully visible. You need to fix it to a race belt which is mandatory.

  • Aid Stations: The following stations are full service, A2 Woodhead, A4 Llandudno, A5 Hout Bay, A7 Groot Constantia, A8 Alpen Trail, A9 UCT. These stations will have combinations of: Water, Rush Bars, Nuun energy/electrolyte drinks, tea, coffee, soup, pasta, bread & spreads, salty potatoes, fruits, nuts, sweets, chocolate. Banters and special dietary folk please supplement as per your needs. The other stations will stock drinks and snacks only. Please plan accordingly.

  • Cut-offs: Important cut-offs:

- 100km race, at A3 Constantia Nek, the course will be closed and all will be diverted to the 65km at 8:45am (4h45 race time) and you will need to have left the A9 UCT station at 19:00pm to be allowed to continue to the finish. There are additional intermediate cut-offs, refer to the website for a detailed breakdown.

-35km race at A9 UCT there is a cut-off at 13:15pm.   

  • Route Marking: The route will be fully marked with reflective flags, direction arrow boards and road sections will have additional chalk ground markings. If you have not seen a route marker for more than 400m please retrace your steps. If you feel route markers have been tampered with please call the emergency number on your bib.  

  • Retiring from the course - DNF (Did Not Finish): Should you need to drop out of the race, you will need to continue to the nearest Aid Station along the marked route and inform the station captain. NOTE: If you are not sure who that is ask around until you find them - this is your responsibility. If you are unable to continue the medical team will communicate this to Race HQ. If you leave the course and fail to notify race officials, you will be banned from participating in the future (unless assisted from the course by First Aid crews). We will provide a shuttle service back to the start/finish but cannot guarantee the frequency of the service. We recommend you put somebody on standby or call for a taxi.

  • Hydration: The Mountain is very dry and you will need to depart each Aid Station with an adequate amount of water (300ml in reserve at all times). 100km Runners note, departing A4 Llandudno for A5 Houtbay is a 14.5km stretch and very remote, it is critical to depart with a minimum of 1.5L water here.  

  • Mandatory Gear: Runners are to have their mandatory equipment with them at all times during the race. Random gear checks will be performed during the event. Penalties ranging from time penalties to disqualification will be applied based on the severity of the breach.



The mountain you will be running on has been preserved by many people before you - please take care of it and leave it pristine for those who come after you.  


  • Any littering on the course is strictly prohibited. Race participants are responsible for making sure that anything they discard goes into a bin. Strictly adhere to the “leave no trace and take no souvenirs” policy.

  • Never scare animals - give extra room and announce your presence appropriately as to prevent possible dangerous situations (horses, baboons etc).  Follow direction from horse riders and don’t use loud startling noises. If any animal is purposely scared or disturbed it will be grounds for disqualification.

  • Respect other trail users (i.e. recreational users and residents) when passing – be aware of blind spots and slow down when you need to.

  • No taking short cuts, including avoiding switchbacks.

  • No overtaking by going off trail. Wait until there is adequate space to do so.

  • If you deliberately ignore customary rules of conduct the trail, road and checkpoints especially concerning safety, waste, erosion and hygiene – you will at best incur a time penalty, at worst it will be grounds for disqualification.

  • No pets allowed.




After UTCT


  • Bring a change of warm clothes and a towel, hot showers are available!

  • Your medal handout and finisher's pics will be done in the marquee.

  • There will be some food and drinks when you finish. Bring some cash for after, there is a fully stocked bar and food vendors on site.






Pre/Post Race Massages

EPT Recovery will be offering massages at the start/finish. There are limited slots available so please book now if interested.  R200 = 30mins sports massage & free ice baths, stretching and foam rollers. Book Here


Hotel Reservations:

Our sponsors Tsogo Sun is offering all UTCT participants 20% off at 3 hotels all near the race venue. Space is limited- you can make a direct booking here:


That's a wrap!

We hope that you all achieve your goals, but more than that, we wish you a run that will remain in the great life memory bank. Looking forward to hosting you in the next few days.








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