If you would like friends to follow your progress on Facebook, you can automatically have your passage through checkpoints posted to your wall by LIVETRAIL if you register here.


The UTCT website will be set up to provide fast access to the various mediums to follow the race, it should be your first port of call come race day. 

Extensive race coverage updates will be fed to our social media channels, and a webcast will be available during the race. 

LIVETRAIL will provide the timing so you can follow each runner stage by stage with an estimation of the time they will pass through points. 



Support Crews 

Please read the following carefully - these rules are in place to ensure that all runners compete equally and that no undue advantage is given to runners with support crews.

Failure of crew members and runners to obey any of the guidelines will result in time penalties against the runner for each transgression.


  • Crews may only visit and give aid to runners at the following Aid Stations and nowhere else on the course. 

       Aid Station Signal Hill, Aid Station Kloofnek, Aid Station Llandudno, Aid Station Hout Bay, Aid Station Alphen Trail, Aid Station UCT.

  • No support at: Aid Station Table Mountain (Scouts hut), Aid Station Constantia Nek or anywhere else along the route.

  • Crews are to park in designated areas only.

  • Do not unload in front of an Aid Station and then go to park. 

  • Print any documentation you think you may need since cell signal can be poor to unavailable along the course to access the race website.

  • Support crews must not eat the provided food at checkpoints. 

  • Event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crews.

  • Pacers or Mules are NOT allowed. 

  • Aid given by supporters is only allowed at designated stations as specified in the website. Support is allowed in a 100 metre radius around these Aid Stations. You are not allowed any form of support outside these zones. 30min penalties against the runner will be imposed.

UTCT Locations

Start Finish Google Maps

   100km      65km      35km      21km   

Gardens Tech Rugby Club. Corner Upper Orange Str & Montreal Ave

Signal Hill Google Maps

   100km      65km   

Signal Hill Car Park

Kloofnek Google Maps     

   100km      65km   

Corner Kloofnek & Tafelberg Rd. Lower Car Park.

Table Mountain

No Support/ Spectators. 

Scouts Hut- Woodhead Dam

Constantia Nek 

No Support/ Spectators. 

Llundudno Google Maps 


Llandudno Lifesaving Club. Park in car lot and walk down Hargraves Ave

Hout Bay Google Maps


Hour Bay Yacht Club

Alphen Trail Google Maps

   100km      65km   

Park on Le Seuer Ave. 

UCT Tennis Club Google Maps

   100km      65km      35km      21km   

Drive up Madiba Circle and follow UCT Tennis club signs (Nursery rd.)




Signal Hill (65&100km)
It will be dark and an opportunity to see the full field within 50 mins of each other after 10km. The steady stream of runners coming across from Lions Head in the near dark will provide an amazing light show.
To catch the runners before this point there is also the option to first go to Lions Head trail head or the Karmat on Signal Hill before the runners arrive.
Kloofnek (65,100km)
Note this station has moved out of the Car Park to the grass embankment which leads to the Pipe Track.
This will be a major refeulling station in the race as runners embark on the biggest climb of the day to reach the top of Table Mountain and continue onward for a full traverse of the iconic mountain.
Llandudno (100km)
One of Cape Town's best beaches signifies the part of the race where it starts to get tough, so a good support crew is essential. The sections ahead of them are really awesome but knowing that the Sentinel climb awaits can be a dampener on an already slightly weary runner. Sandy bay is also an alternative viewing point area where the runners then head off along the coast. (Use this Aid Station instead of Constantia Nek).
Hout Bay Yacht Club (100km)
56km into in the 100km race, after what is one of the toughest sections of the route albeit on "fresh legs" The Sentinel and the descent of Karbonkleberg are notorious for making a strong runner weak quickly. There's plenty to see and do in the harbour if you're waiting for your runner to come through. Leaders are expected here by 9:30am and the back of the field at 12:30. The time gap shows how hard this section.
Alphen Trail (65,100km)
09:00am (65km)- 16:30pm, (first 100km 11:30am)
A unique, easily accessed and quiet station deep in one of Constantia's amazing greenbelts. After this point runners reach the Klaasenbosch Greenbelt on route to Cecilia forest and the Eastern Contour path.

Your 100km runners have covered 74km and they are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's usually a hot section and relief in the forests lie a few kilometres away.
UCT (35,65,100km Sat)(21km Sun)
Saturday 09:30am-19:00pm
Sunday 8:30-9:30am
Without a doubt the busiest hub of the race, UCT's famous tennis club hosts the final Aid Station for all races. Every runner hoping for a finish will have to pass through.
With a little over 10km's to go in their respective journeys it's considered the gateway to home. but first they must ascend the climb to the blockhouse.

There is a cafe open to grab some food to keep spectators spirits up.
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