Please read the following carefully and brief your support crews accordingly. These guidelines are in place to ensure that all runners compete equally and that no undue advantage is given to runners with support crews. Failure of crew members and runners to obey any of the guidelines will result in time penalties against the runner for each transgression.


  • Crews may provide assistance and aid to runners at the following Aid Stations only: Aid Station Signal Hill, Aid Station Kloofnek, Aid Station Llandudno, Aid Station Hout Bay, Aid Station Noordhoek, Aid Station Kommetjie, Aid Station Simonstown, Aid Station Kalk Bay, Aid Station Alphen Trail, Aid Station UCT.

  • No support is allowed at the following Aid Stations:  Aid Station Table Mountain (Scouts hut) or anywhere else along the route.

  • Crews are to park in designated areas only.

  • No offloading in front of an Aid Station before parking.

  • Please print any website information relevant to race day as mobile connectivity can be poor or unavailable along the route to access the race website.

  • Support crews must not eat the provided food at checkpoints. 

  • Event organisers are not responsible for the safety or whereabouts of support crews.

  • Pacers or Mules are NOT allowed. 

  • Aid given by supporters is only allowed at designated stations as specified on the website. Support is allowed in a 100 metre radius around these Aid Stations. You are not allowed any form of support outside these zones. 30 min penalties against the runner will be imposed.


Crews must abide by all rules and directives of the Ultra-trail Cape Town as set forth in the UTCT Participant Guide, the UTCT website, and Crew Rules, and all other official UTCT communications, including any final written or oral instructions at the pre-race briefing.


  • Crews are only allowed at Aid Stations specifically designated for crews in the current year’s UTCT Participant Guide, and must remain within a 100m radius of the Aid Station while attending to their runner. Crews may not accompany their runner beyond this point. 

  • Crews are allowed at the following Aid Stations (only): 

  • No crew vehicles are allowed at the following Aid Stations: 

  • Crews can meet runners at the following “foot access only” Aid Stations:

  • Crews must comply with all instructions of Aid Station personnel, including where to meet their runner and are requested to remain in certain designated areas, where applicable. 

  • Please park responsibly and in the designated parking areas (where applicable) and be mindful of residents and all road rules. 

  • Crews must always drive at safe speeds and within speed limits. Access to many aid stations is on windy, narrow, dangerous roads. Speed limits are strictly enforced. 

  • Crews must never park in such a way as to block traffic, access to the trail or an Aid Station, or other parked cars. Vehicles will be towed at the owner’s expense, and their runner may be disqualified. 

  • Bicycles are permitted to get to crew-accessible Aid Stations. However, bicycles may not be used to pace a runner or be ridden on any part of the UTCT course. 

  • No dogs or other pets are allowed at any of the Aid Stations, the Start-Finish, or on the UTCT course. 

  • No smoking is allowed at any of the Aid Stations or on the UTCT course. 

  • Littering of any kind at any Aid Station, on the UTCT course, or at the Start-Finish is strictly prohibited. Crews will be asked to pick up their litter, and their runner may be disqualified.