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Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Some valuable advice when selecting your footwear for this year’s UTCT and beyond. There's no “one shoe” model or footwear brand for that matter for everyone. When it comes to selecting the right shoe for you, and the event that you are training for, you need to take a number of factors into consideration. Namely; fit, feel and cushioning…and shoe weight for some. The shoe that feels right, is often the one for you, but testing it out in the kinds of conditions and distances you are planning on racing, is highly recommended. Don’t wait for race week to try anything new out!

The UTCT routes and Table Mountain, in general, are characterised by a relatively hard underfoot surface, high level of technicality, and overall an event that demands a lot from your shoes. So take your time in selecting your “race day weapons”. The right gear is definitely not the whole recipe to success, but it can go a long way in making your race day as successful as possible. Also, remember distance is relative. An ultra/or long day out can mean something completely different depending on the runner. Here are the models out of our range that we recommend for UTCT.

SLAB Ultra 2:

Developed with the incomparable Francois D'haene, the refined, second-generation S/LAB ULTRA 2 embodies the physical and mental preparation needed for ultra-distance racing. We've reduced the weight, improved the durability, and maintained the long-distance comfort; ride, grip, as well as a precise fit that have already made this shoe a legend. A shoe that offers all the cushioning and protection needed for spending long days on your feet, but doesn’t compromise on performance and foothold. With an 8mm drop, it is a great shoe for any race distance at UTCT but will really come into its own over the 65km or 100km.

Recommended usage: 21km, 35km, 65km and 100km

SLAB Sense 7:

Top runners demand lightweight, precision, and ground feel. S/LAB SENSE 7 weighs approximately 200g but keeps the things that have made the S/LAB Sense range an athlete favourite: ground filter, precise foothold, efficient lugs, integrated sock liner, and a minimal heel counter. The fit, lightweight, and ground feel are a favourite of top Salomon athletes. (4mm heel to toe drop). Built for speed and precision. For the runner who plans on running fast, and those who choose to be close to the ground over the comfort and support of cushioning. It can be used for all the races at UTCT by runners who can get away with a little less cushioning – elites or runners who enjoy a more minimalist shoe.

Recommended usage: 21km and 35km

Sense Pro 3:

SENSE PRO 3 is an ideal choice for committed runners who want a fast, light, dynamic shoe with just enough protection for any trail. It is lighter than its predecessor, with a modest drop (4mm), and offers a premium wet traction outsole. Great shoe for Table Mountain’s highly technical trails and depending on the type of runner you are, could be used in all the distances at UTCT.

Recommended usage: 21, 35km and 65km.

Sense Ride 2:

Maximize comfort on the trails with SENSE RIDE 2. With enough cushioning to push the mileage, an 8mm heel drop and proven fit, and an even more flexible than before with a comfortable upper, you'll be ready to go all day, every day. Our “go to” shoe for most trails and runners! It mixes the comfort (ride) of your favourite road shoe, with the grip and protection needed on the Trails of Cape Town. Perfect for any of the race distances at UTCT and has been fully approved by both elite runners looking for a little extra cushioning as well as weekend warriors who seek all the comfort they can get.

Recommended usage: 21km, 35km, 65km and 100km

Ultra Pro:

Running an Ultra tests you and your shoes. ULTRA PRO provides long distance comfort, protection, and support to help your feet as they fatigue, as well as ample grip for any surface. Add a great fit adjustment, and this is the choice for committed endurance runners. ULTRA PRO is designed to help you reach the finish line. With an 8mm drop, it's built for the runner looking to go longer or simply those happiest with maximum cushioning! It will come into its own after a few hours of running and is best suited to the 65km and 100km.

Recommended usage: 21km, 35km, 65km and 100km



So you’ve heard about UTCT, but you start sweating behind the knees when you think about the distances. Maybe you’re new to trail running, maybe you’re recovering from an injury or pregnancy, maybe you just don’t want to run 35km and upwards… well that’s why we created the 21km. Got your attention, we thought so! Find out more here.

Held on the Sunday morning, just before the final prizegiving ceremony and official after-party (how handy), the 21km is a 100% doable, but challenging trail race that’ll put you right in the middle of the UTCT mix. It’s a mix of undulating jeep tracks and flowing single track, and includes one ‘proper’ climb, a fully stocked aid station, as well as a long, fun downhill all the way to Garden’s Rugby Club, where music, cold drinks and the finish line await.

It’s also an ideal way to get a UTCT finishers medal if you’ve committed to supporting a runner (or all the runners) on the route on the Saturday! Entries are limited, so be sure to enter to avoid disappointment. NO LATE ENTRIES.

UTCT 21km quick facts:

  • 1100m elevation

  • Biggest climb: Newland’s Ravine

  • Biggest decent: Devil’s Peak Zigzags

  • Graded: D+

  • One Aid Station at UCT

  • Cut off time: 06hr 30min




Suunto offers versatile, durable sport watches for running, cycling, gym, swimming and outdoor sports. Choose the model that best suits your needs. Suunto is offering all UTCT runners a 20% discount off a new device purchased via their online store. Simply use UTCT2019 and claim your discount. Offer valid through until 1 December 2019.

Pioneering exploration has been in Suunto's DNA since 1936 when their founder Tuomas Vohlonen invented a way to produce more accurate compasses for his orienteering adventures. Over the years they have stood on the highest mountains and explored the deepest oceans. Pushed limits and enabled people to turn their adventure dreams into reality.

But adventures aren't only about pushing one’s physical limits in faraway places. The search for adventure is really a mindset that all of us share. It’s about new experiences. Big and small. It’s about just getting out there regardless of the size of the challenge. Join the Suunto family for a life of adventure.



What better way to describe the UTCT week Runcation puts together for us, than hearing from another runner. Julie Steele from Australia, ran the 65km last year, before heading on a fantastic African safari.

“For logistical ease, we booked a package with a local travel agency, Runcation South Africa, set up about a year ago by two passionate trail runners, Luke and Lance, who combine running events with travelling adventures. Apart from standard things like accommodation, the package included all transfers to the race venue (dropped right at the front entrance of the race village like VIPs), a chance to experience the Table Mountain trails prior to the event, as well as sightseeing excursions around Cape Town and the Cape Peninsular. We had opportunities to meet and mingle with elite runners from the race – and even took a couple of selfies when I finally mustered the courage to ask! Throughout the race, the Runcation media team would interview us at key aid stations, and post the video interviews onto Facebook so people at home could follow our exploits, station by station. Sharing the week with a small group of other Runcation runners from around the world really added to the race experience.

I can’t recommend these guys enough! Luke and Lance made our experience in Cape Town so memorable. Their communication was exceptional and their meticulous attention to detail allowed our trip to run so smoothly. They really made us feel so welcome and a little like rock stars during the UTCT. Now onto our safari experience.... thanks guys!”


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